Trending Products in 2023 : How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

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Fighting to find trending products to sell online? You are not alone here. In this process, many e-commerce entrepreneurs get stuck because they can not find the right products to sell online. A better solution for the time-constrained entrepreneur is to find trending products to sell online. We will share some of the best ways to find trending products to sell online in 2023 through your store in this article.

Best Ways To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

Now that you are aware of the main advantages of picking trending goods to sell online, here is a list of the best ways to find such products.

Study Social Media Conversations

Conversations on social media are a goldmine because they give you a customer insight on what is trending right now. All you have to do is browse the common networks out there through the comments and sub-sections. Some of the platforms that we suggest you browse through include:


With over 250 million monthly active users, Pinterest is among the fastest growing social networks out there. Make sure to discover what products customers are excited about at the moment by scrolling through its "popular" portion. Expand your search to “Fancy” if you can't find something interesting on Pinterest. “Fancy” is stocked with trendy product ideas for your niche to think. 


Using Instagram to search for related hashtags is another fast way to discover trending products to sell. For example, if you're selling in the "men's fashion" niche, look for hashtags such as (just to provide an example) #mensfashion and #mensclothing to see what's common in your niche.


Reddit is full of subgroups (referred to as subreddits) where individuals often engage in conversations about products that are trending. Joining a few of them will give you access to active forums where you can get first-hand feedback and see what people think about new and common products.  

Some of the subreddits we suggest checking out for you include: 

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Product Review Websites 

Did you know that there are unique blogs and magazines that seek to help entrepreneurs discover trending products to sell online? These websites are perfect for getting a deeper understanding of what's currently in demand, whether they're data-packed blog posts or curated images. Here is a list of some of the best websites that you can check out on a regular or weekly basis for product reviews: 

How To Find Trending Products Through YouTube

You will be told by a lot of pros to search Google for trending products, but let's not forget that YouTube is as big as a search engine. Check for "best products (your niche)" or something similar to find out what people are chasing after nowadays. For instance, you will be provided with the following search results by looking for "best fitness products". 

how to find trending products to sell online


There are many videos about fitness-related products, as you can see. Watching a few of them will certainly give you new ideas for considering products. In unboxing videos, some trending products are also featured, so try and also look for "unboxing (your niche) products".

Hints: Use youtube’s search filter so that you can ensure you aren’t watching the old or outdated videos. 

Study Your Competitors’ Blogs 

There are many competitor’s sites in your niche. You have to follow your competitor’s blogs. So you’ll get the ideas of trending products to sell online from their blogs as well. You can also hire your niche influencers/bloggers to write for you in other blogs. 

Study Online Marketplaces

In general, product markets are one of the best outlets to use when it comes to finding trending products to sell online. But these are enormous in size so that you can get lost on the market easily. That's why we decided not only to talk about the marketplaces you should be looking for to find trending products to sell online but also what areas of the marketplaces you should be investigating to find those winning products. 


The tools and sections that you should try to find the trending products are below... 

eBay Watch Count - This tool lets you see how many times a particular product has been 'watched' by customers. Of course, the products with the largest number of watches are the ones that draw the most attention.

eBay Trending - A list of ebay trending products as well as the number of searches and product page URLs are given in this section. 


Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world, making it a perfect platform for research on your product. The sections you can explore in this marketplace are below... 

Amazon Movers and Shakers - This is a list of products that in the last 24 hours have made the highest gains in sales rankings. On an hourly basis, it is updated. 

Amazon Best Sellers - Here, you'll see the most famous products on the market. Every 24 hours, this list is updated. To search bestsellers for a particular niche, use the links on the left sidebar.


AliExpress has a full database of consumer products which are produced directly by Chinese producers.

To get a better idea of trending products, you can browse the popular section of this website. 

The other marketplaces and directories are mentioned below... 

Study Google Trends

You can easily and rapidly see volume increases for individual products with Google Trends to determine whether or not their demand is on the increase. 

Google Trends also allows you to see search volumes based on regional composition, as an added bonus. 

For example, let’s study the data of “women’s sweaters” from Google Trends. 

Bottom Line

How to find trending products to sell online is really hard. You can't hope to create a profitable company unless you're pursuing a tried and tested approach to validating a product’s demand. You only have time to find the best products to sell, but then you need extra hours to stock, source, and list them in your shop, and then also market them to your clients. You won't have to worry about finding trending products for your shop by following the tips we’ve shared in this post.



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