A Significant Wholesale Buyer's Guide For Plus Size Women's Fashion

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Now it’s 2023. The world is now thinking about the fashion of the plus size women. Following the research from the NPD group, the plus size women’s fashion market generated $17.5 billion in sales between May 2013 and April 2014. Real bodies of real women are being celebrated. So let’s study about the wholesale plus size women’s fashion based on wholesale purchasing and displaying for retail sales.

You know that plus size women have also their wants, needs and style ranges. But you won’t find plus size women’s fashion related information in the magazines or other sources. So it will be difficult for you to make a decision which brands you’ll buy for your store. Thus the overall matter is becoming tricky and risky. Here 5 significant truths that you need to know for wholesale purchasing and displaying plus size women’s fashion clothing are described below… 

1. Focus On Curvy Mannequins 

Suppose you have size 5 denim and size small tank tops inside your store. Show your plus size stock on your in-store displays as well. You should not display your plus size items in your plus size section only. You should sprinkle your plus size items throughout your whole store. Most of the retail buyers want to enjoy how the clothes look on a real plus size body instead of hanging on hangers. If they can find a doll wearing an outfit similar to their own body curve, their buying intentions will be established more strongly. 

2. Follow The Trends 

Following the LA times, plus size women are now running after the recent trend. The plus size women are proud of their healthy bodies and are making their own fashion statement. The fashion forward women’s heart always offers a wide range of fashion pieces. They think about how to make pairs and merchandise them well. Need more about buying wholesale clothing, you may read about wholesale clothing supplier in USA

3. Don’t Forget The Basics of Plus Size Women’s Fashion 

Your customers will come back to your store when they will realize that they are getting the best products from you with the best price. The same things will happen for the plus size women’s fashion market. You have to think about many colors matching with necklaces and various types of denim. You have to consider many accessories as well to match with your plus size dresses. Thus you can fill your inventory with your versatile chosen plus size items. 

4. Don't Forget To Buy For Other Demographics 

Since you carry junior styles, you shouldn’t forget about your younger audience. Following the NPD group, the US teens are buying less from the juniors (down from 81% in 2012 to 73% in 2015). Teenagers have different body types. Besides they always try to cope up with the trends  and want to fill their wardrobes to reach for again and again. So when you are getting products inside your store, never forget your younger audience.

5. Show Women Other Similar Women 

When you are using photography displaying live models for your plus size women’s fashion, you have to use plus size women. Suppose you are using the photos of 0 models with bikini to sell plus size women’s fashion items which is completely unethical. So you have to use a variety of models in your photography as well as always remember to keep your marketing imagery on-brand. 

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