9 Ways To Wear A Tank Top in This Summer (2023)

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Tank tops can be a very versatile piece of clothing that can be styled in a number of different ways to reduce your stress on how to wear a tank top. Tank tops will offer the touch of versatility that you need to offer your outfit together, whether you're going for a more dressed up or a casual look. Since you are looking for many ways to wear a tank top, you may check out these 9 ways a fashion tank top can be worn.

1. Make Your Tank Top The Focus Of Attention  

There's no need to hide your stunning tank under your clothing. By matching it with your favorite pair of jeans, skirt, or leggings, make your tank top the center of attention. For tucking in, our extra long tank tops are great. Don't forget to accessorize as well! Attach a necklace or hat to your outfit to dress up. 

2. Use Jacket or Blazer  

how to wear a tank top


Who says tank tops are just a staple of summer? By adding a sweater or blazer, keep your super long tank tops out for fall and winter. Tuck in and add a blazer to your tank top for a more formal look. If you go for an edgy look, leave it untucked and, for contrast and ease, pair it with a bomber jacket

3. Wear Under Your Favorite Shirt 

Add some appeal by simply adding a flannel or chambray shirt to your outfit. The tank top adds simplicity to your look, but you can get the casual street-look from a chambray shirt or another button-up shirt. The best thing about a button up shirt is that there are so many different ways that you can wear it. Tie it around your waist, leave it unbuttoned, button it half way up — there are infinite possibilities. Have fun with a few different looks and play around with these looks. 

4. Wear With A Maxi Skirt  

how to wear a tank top


Bring into the mix an oversized cardi or maxi skirt; tuck into a lovely flowy skirt in an extra long tank top and let the outfit do the talking. With the added skirt, the overall outfit remains plain, yet feminine. Put a pair of strappy sandals or flats on to complete the look. 

5. Use A Scarf  

how to wear a tank top


Attach a scarf on top of your fashion tank top when it's extra cold outside. It will add instant glamour to your look by adding a long or short scarf to a plain tank top. 

6. High Waisted Shorts   

how to wear a tank top


High waisted tank tops and shorts go hand in hand. High waisted shorts will make you look and feel fabulous and lengthen your legs. By adding a pair of cute heels or strappy sandals, you can achieve a fashionable appearance. 

7. How To Wear A Tank Top With A Pencil Skirt 

how to wear a tank top


Tank tops aren't solely booked for casual days. Pair your favorite fashion tank top with a pencil skirt by dressing it up. The outfit should remain straightforward, but competent. For an even more formal look, add a blazer or a belt. 

8. Adjust With A Bold Print

The great thing about tank tops is that these are an extremely versatile classic staple, and there are countless choices for wearing them. That being said, it can create a lovely contrast to your overall outfit by pairing a simple tank with a bold print. To add interest to the dress, consider wearing patterned leggings, or a wild scarf. 

9. Wear With A Cardigan  

how to wear a tank top


An instant feminine touch is created by adding a cardigan to any tank top. By simply adding a cardigan, you can establish a more dressed-up look. To make the boho chic look, oversized cardigans are great. For instant boho, tuck an extra long tank top into a pair of high waisted shorts or jeans, and pair it with an oversized cardi. For a more relaxed, flowy look, you can wear your long tank top loose too. 

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