Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the USA : How Can You Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers For Your Ecommerce Store?

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To find out the trustworthy wholesale clothing suppliers in the USA is an ultimate step to launch a successful ecommerce business. Here you’ll get a wide package of resources which will assist to find out the great suppliers not only in the USA but also outside the USA to launch your ecommerce store from scratch. So read the whole content carefully to find your required suppliers…

Drop Shipping 

Most of the entrepreneurs make a wrong doing of getting excited regarding drop shipping at the time of opening their ecommerce stores. Drop shipping can be considered as appealing for some reasons. 

You need not stock any items for your ecommerce store. When you get an order from your customer, you’ll just place the exact order to the drop shipper. Finally you’ll collect your profit based on the difference in selling price. So you need not think about the inventory.  

Let’s discuss some demerits of drop shipping… 

  • The profit margin is so much less that you have to sacrifice your mental health to gain this small amount of profit. 
  • Drop shippers may deliver the ordered products late. Sometimes they may ship faulty items routinely. These faults are not yours but you have to deal with these issues. 
  • In spite of dealing with the most popular drop shippers, you don’t have control over your fulfillment. 

In brief, the reputation of your business will be dependent on a 3rd party though they may not have any interest regarding this. In most cases, it’s better to do affiliate rather than drop shipping. 

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers 

You have to remember that the internet is full of scammers. You have to be aware always to spot a fake dropshipper. Let’s discuss this… 

  • The main goal of the real dropshippers is to sell in bulk. They won’t run a monthly membership site. 
  • A real dropshipper will never apply a monthly fee to give you the access into their catalogue of goods. 
  • A real dropshipper will never sell their products to the end customers at wholesale price.  

Wholesale Clothing Suppliers In USA  

There are many wholesale clothing suppliers in USA but they are offering extremely high prices. Surely these prices are less than MSRP(manufacturer’s suggested retail price). Since the wholesale price is high, the profit margin will be reduced. But we’ll suggest wholesale clothing suppliers in USA for the following reasons… 

  • You don’t have to travel overseas to deal with the manufacturers. So you need not think about shipping. 
  • Most of the products are not made in the USA. So you need not face any hassle of importing and warehousing when your wholesale clothing suppliers are from the USA. 
  • Buying wholesale clothing in USA will always save time. Because you need not spend time to check the quality control since this has been done by the wholesalers in most cases. 

If you stay near the major cities, you may join the trade shows near you. For example, you may visit Trade Shows In USA where the schedule of all trade shows is enlisted. 

Buying From Foreign Manufacturers  

Nowadays everything is being manufactured overseas to reduce the labour costs. Buying directly from the overseas manufacturers will reduce your costing but it has some demerits as well. 

  • Most Chinese vendors can’t speak in English properly. So most of the time you have to communicate through emails. 
  • The minimum order quantity is high as you are dealing with the factory directly. 
  • Manufacturers in Asia have no good website so that you can’t evaluate their merchandising quality. For this reason, you have to collect samples from them which will kill your time. 
  • Importing products from outside is an extra hassle. Because you have to deal with customs for solving tax issues. 
  • The lead times are long. So you have to wait a long time after ordering your product to get your product inside your warehouse. 
  • You have to manage quality control very carefully. Maintaining consistency in quality is always a big challenge.

To Find Foreign Vendors And Suppliers  

A great place to find overseas vendors and suppliers is online. There are various marketplaces and search engines for overseas manufacturers. We’ll recommend or to find your overseas vendors. 

You can evaluate the vendors provided by both marketplaces by assessing a lot of information. You can contact a chinese supplier directly from their platforms to know the basic information like minimum order quantity, lead time etc. Thus you can communicate with thousands of vendors through their platforms.  

To Find Wholesale Clothing Vendors In USA

The Los Angeles Fashion District for wholesale clothing in USA is situated in downtown Los Angeles. It’s also known for being a creative centre for wholesale clothing in USA. It’s a peak destination for wholesale buyers, retail shoppers, fashion students, clothing designers and hollywood stylists as well. 

Let’s introduce our wholesale clothing store JNNA from the USA. JNNA is the fastest growing wholesale clothing store in the USA. We are providing styles that are ready to wear from everyday lifestyle to elegant occasions. We are specialized in women’s tops, dresses, bottoms, sweaters and outerwear mostly for the young contemporary. We are providing service from the heart of California, Los Angeles. You are invited to experience the innovative creative styles with JNNA.  

To know more about the top vendors in the USA, you may read about wholesale marketplaces in USA

Types of obtaining goods from your vendors are totally up to you. You can put as much work into your business, you will be able to make as much profit from your business. Launching an online business is not easier. Besides, finding trustworthy wholesale clothing suppliers in USA is another hard thing to run your business. Initially we’ll recommend trying the wholesale clothing vendors from the USA. The more you can invest, the more you will be able to widen your path to reach your goal. 




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